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Ashley Peeples on Winding Down

Ashley Peeples on Winding Down

The Founder & Creative Director for BEIGE talks to us about style and self-care.
Welcome to our new series for the month of May, Winding Down, where we’ll be highlighting interesting women around town who celebrate self-care and what it means to them. We easily get caught up in the everyday hustle and forget to slow down. These unprecedented times have shown us that we need to pause and take time to take care of ourselves.
To kick off our series, we’re sharing our interview with Ashley Peeples, Founder and Creative Director of BEIGE. We talked about her family, style and self-care practices.
Read the full interview below.
Can you describe yourself in 1 paragraph, please?
I am the Creative Director and Founder of BEIGE. Most importantly, I am mom to Morgan and Carson. I’m detail oriented, a lover of neutral colors and sustainable fashion. Life can be crazy with two active children and a business to run, but I am fortunate to have a very patient and supportive husband who helps hold things down.
What is something people don't know about you?
I am a T1D mom. My daughter, Morgan, was diagnosed at age 7 with Type One Diabetes ("T1D"). This has made it more important than ever for our family to have healthy, well balanced meals, but having the time to cook in the evenings in-between after school activities and homework can be impossible. I am more than happy to have the Bella’s Kitchen service!
How do you approach meal prep while keeping in mind your daughter's diabetes? Does a service like Bella's Kitchen help?
Keeping a healthy balance of carbs and protein is important for children with T1D. Fast food is loaded with unhealthy fats and tons of carbs that aren't good for blood sugar levels. It is hard to find quick and easy meals, so this service will be very helpful for us. We love the Bella's Kitchen meals because they are nutritious and still taste good.
Now, let's take a break from the kitchen and talk about fashion.
It’s been over a month since we have been practicing social distancing. We have been wearing loungewear ALL DAY long. As comfy as it is, we cannot help but daydream about wearing real clothes once this is all over.
What are your favorite trends we will see this upcoming season?
I’m a 90’s gal so the resurgence of 90’s inspired fashion thrills me! Linen suiting, knit sets, and heeled thong sandals are all on my must list for SS20. I will definitely top off my look with a mini bag and oval sunglasses.
As a mom, it’s hard to look put together while running around from activity to activity with the kids. What is your "uniform" for an easy everyday look?
I always tell moms first and foremost, wear what you feel comfortable in. If you are stuck in an athleasure rut, swap out your leggings for a knit pant and tunic. They are just as comfortable and give you a put- together look. If you feel comfortable and confident in what, you are wearing it will show.
Any tips on how to create your “uniform"?
This is a hard one for most people. It’s helpful to start off with a complete closet sweep. Pull everything out of your closet...yes, everything! Only put back the items that you love to wear and feel your best in. These items become the building blocks of your uniform. Make conscious decisions about what you add back to your wardrobe. If they are too worn, don’t fit just right, or don’t fit your current style, it’s time to let go of them. There are some great organizations in Little Rock that will take your gently used clothing off your hands and find a new home for them.
I know you personally so I know you’ve always been mindful of wellness and self-care. When you finally get to wind down, what are some ways you practice self-care?
Now that I am in my late 30’s skincare has been a priority for me. I take time in the morning and evenings for my skincare regimen in addition to my monthly facials with Aimee-Claire. I developed melasma with my pregnancies, so sunblock is a necessity for me.
What is one of your favorite things now? It can be anything that brings you joy.
Me-time at the end of the day. A nice long soak in the tub, burning one of my Maison Louis Marie candles, and having a glass of wine all make me feel human again after a long day.
What is something you have enjoyed during this social distancing time?
I have enjoyed the time that I have had to step back and reflect on life. It has helped me to focus and get re-inspired. I’m really excited for BEIGE to re-open with our new SS collection!